Lorin Grean Music

The Salt Mines

(by Salt on the Rug)

This compilation from three Salt recordings features the band's most popular songs, including both traditional Irish and original compositions. Instrumentation includes fiddle, bouzouki, mandolin, guitar, tin whistle, recorders, piano, native American flute, and bodhran.

"There is a timeless sense about this music; it blends traditional forms with new
interpretations, producing a very exciting listening experience." --Santa Barbara Independent.

Running Time 48:25 * 7 instrumentals, 5 vocals * CD Only * CD #20017

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Band Members: Paul Culver, Lorin Grean, Reed Harding, Michael Termondt, Sharon Singleton-Termondt, Edward Rockett

Song List:
New Potatoes (traditional)
The Black Hills
Charlie Piggots (traditional)
The Butterfly (traditional)
The Far Side
The Birthing Medley
Jenny's Rambles (traditional)
Horned Women
Don't Look at Me
Fare Thee Well (traditional)