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Meridian Blue

(by Lorin Grean)

An exciting new collection of soulful and insightful original songs. Acoustic and electric harp and voice, woven with instrumentation including piano, cello, bass, whistles, recorders, ethnic percussion, and more.

Running Time 45:00 * 11 original songs (3 instrumentals, 8 with lyrics) * 2007

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Instrumentation throughout "Meridian Blue" includes combinations of: Acoustic and electric Celtic harp, piano, mountain dulcimer, tin whistle, low D whistle, cello, bass, recorders,  kalimba, percussion, and more.

Song List:
Heaven Sent (Grean)
Meridian Blue (Grean)
Beyond (Grean)
To Each Her Own (Grean)
I Won’t Be Far (Grean)
The Son (Grean)
If Only (Grean)
A.R.U.L. (Arul) (Grean)
Earth and Sky (Grean)
That Which Will Never Be Again (Grean)
Simple Song (Grean)