Lorin Grean Music

Hand Woven

(by Lorin Grean)

The strings of the Celtic harp and the voice of a chantress-woven together by world music accompaniment.

"One of the best albums of 1997, and a must have." --New Age Retailer

Running Time 52:54 * 10 original songs, wordless vocals * CD * 1997

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Instrumentation throughout "Hand Woven" includes combinations of: Celtic harp, wordless vocals, Native American flute, violin, cello, piano, bass, electric guitar, recorders, synthesizer, mountain dulcimer, harmonica, and ethnic percussion including bodhran, djembe, tabla.

Song List:
Through Zara's Eyes (Grean)  LISTEN SOUND SAMPLE
Starlight Journey (Suite) (Grean, Rockett) (Movements: How Do I Say Goodbye? Sirens of the Soul, Sage People, Homecoming) LISTEN SOUND SAMPLE
In Pursuit (DiSimone)
The Grey Cat's Night Prowl (Grean)
Sailing the Skies (Grean, Loggins)
Calico Toes (Grean)
Hand Woven (Medley) (Grean) (Movements: A Room of My Own, Bastet's Jewels, Ma Mere, Cat Tales)
The Bengal's Secret (Grean)
Night Vision (Grean)
Spindrift (Grean)